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This is a really good Emerson Hyndman assist

The kid is doing work in Scotland.

Emerson Hyndman picked up an assist in Rangers’ 2-0 win over Partick Thistle this weekend. His fourth total assist of the season set up Jon Toral for the club’s insurance goal in the victory. Couple that with the four goals he’s scored since joining on loan from Bournemouth and you can call his move a very successful one.

The play was a nice slick passing move near the top of the box that saw the American combine on a one-two with a teammate, receive the ball once more and dribble around a defender. The commentators dubbed Hyndman’s feet/touches to be “velcro-esque” which is a very nice compliment. He then unselfishly laid off a nice pass for his teammate to finish.

The Texas native has impressed everyone on loan, bringing up the question of what will happen to him this summer when he returns to Bournemouth. There have already been rumors that Rangers’ biggest rival, Celtic, will inquire about his services during the transfer window.

Who knows what the future has in store for him. What is certain is that this loan spell has done wonders for his confidence. Hopefully where ever he ends up next season, he gets to play a lot and prove himself like he has done in Scotland.