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WATCH: John Brooks scores a goal that’d make world-class strikers jealous

Great finish!

People talk about the USMNT striker depth being slim beyond Jozy Altidore and Bobby Wood. Well, enter John Brooks. The big central defender notched his sixth Bundesliga goal of his career today with a fantastic diving header in the 12th minute against Augsburg.

Okay, so maybe we won’t see Brooks playing target striker for the U.S., but this is a really fine finish that you see missed by some very good strikers in the world on a regular basis. Dare I say, shades of Brian McBride in his prime, throwing his body around and whipping a perfect header past the goalkeeper.

Imagine the situation, late in an important match where the U.S. need a goal. Up comes Brooks to save the day. He scored one goal for the USMNT from the run of play on a counter-attack against the Netherlands. That’s my entire argument for John Brooks: Late-game Target Striker. Do it, Bruce.