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Ranking the Top 20 USMNT international club jerseys

Which American players have club jerseys that are a must-add to the collection?

Partizan v Nordsjaelland - UEFA Europa League Third Round Qualifier: Second Leg Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

Now that domestic leagues around the world are back in full swing, there’s always a high interest in Americans that are playing outside the United States. With that comes the excitement to acquire the club jerseys of your favorite players.

So, what if you’re looking to find a cool jersey of a team that has an American on the roster? Don’t worry, we got you covered. There are well over 100 club teams outside of MLS that has at least one American among their ranks. From those, we narrowed it down to 20 beautiful jerseys that you should consider adding to your collection. Let’s jump right into it:

Honorable Mention: Fortuna Sittard

Fortuna Sittard is a team in the Eredivisie where young forward Andrija Novakovich is on loan from Reading. He wears the #9 for Sittard, and is definitely a nice jersey to consider for an up-and-coming talent on the USMNT.

Now, to the Top 20...

20. Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen sports a traditional green jersey with white elements. It’s always a pretty clean look for a team that has had some Americans over the years. Walk down the street with a #20 Aron Johannsson jersey or a #19 Josh Sargent jersey and you’ll be sure to strike a conversation.

19. Club América

Club América is one of the most famous teams in the Americas, and while sometimes they get a little wild with their home jerseys, this year’s version returns to their mostly pale yellow and includes a small blue sash with red trim. Joe Corona wears #14 for Las Águilas, so if you want to rep America and América at the same time, you found the jersey you need!

18. Maccabi Netanya

Jonathan Bornstein is still playing soccer, ladies and gentlemen. The honorary president of Honduras (we all know why) signed this summer with Maccabi Netanya in Israel, and he’s wearing #12. Yellow and black is always a cool combo, but guarantee very few people stateside have this jersey in their closet. Want a rare jersey featuring an American playing in Israel? This is the one.

17. Schalke 04

Schalke has become a popular destination for young Americans over the past couple years. One of their young stars is Weston McKennie, who wears #2. Haji Wright is back with their reserve team as well, wearing #9 for that team while he works to recover from injury and get back into form. Because of McKennie, we’re starting to see more Schalke jerseys in the wild, but the crisp blue shirt with the white trim will look good in your closet or wearing out and about.

16. Hibernian FC

Scotland used to be a popular destination for American players who wanted to play in Europe. Right now, the best hope we have in the SPL is Emerson Hyndman, who’s playing for Hibernian on loan from Bournemouth. He’s wearing #20 for the team and picked a great team jersey to wear. Green and white always looks clean, and Hibernian’s home jersey looks great.

15. Borussia Dortmund

You know we had to take it to Dortmund on this year. Easily the most popular American player is Christian Pulisic, and because of that you will regularly see his #22 Dortmund jersey. It’s for good reason too...BvB traditionally has a pretty cool yellow and black jersey combination that’s fun and hip. This year’s version is no exception.

14. SV Darmstadt 98

SV Darmstadt is in the 2. Bundesliga, and because of that you rarely see their jerseys in the wild. But, they have a really nice looking jersey, from the prominent royal blue to the white pinstripe hoops to the fleur-de-lis crest and the white trim. This jersey is simple and pure, and if you’re looking for some Americans to put on the back, Terrence Boyd (#18) and McKinze Gaines (#27) are terrific choices.

13. Huddersfield Town

When Huddersfield Town won the Championship Playoff a couple seasons ago to earn promotion to the Premier League, many were happy for the manager, former USMNT player David Wagner. Well, in that offseason, they went out and got Danny Williams, who wears #19 for the team and has helped keep them in the top flight since then. The white and royal blue vertical stripes look excellent and will keep you the talk of the town on EPL weekends.

12. Greuther Fürth

Gruether Fürth is another 2. Bundesliga team, and Julian Green has played well for them so far this season. Their shamrock crest and the green and white hoops are perfect for rocking Green’s #37 on the back. And, you’ll never have to worry about what to wear on St. Patrick’s Day with this in your collection!

11. Ulsan Hyundai FC

We’re going all the way to South Korea for this one. There aren’t many Americans who ply their trade in Asia, but Mix Diskerud has taken on that task by going on loan to Ulsan Hyundai FC. He drew #42, so you’ll want to be one of the few people on this side of the world rocking a jersey from the K. League.

10. Fortuna Düsseldorf

Fortuna Düsseldorf recently earned promotion back into the Bundesliga, and they went out and signed a fringe USMNT player, Alfredo Morales. Morales has already proven to handle himself in the Bundesliga this season, wearing the #6 for a team with a simple-yet-elegant red jersey with a white chevron. If you’re getting into the Bundesliga and want to latch onto a team that is hasn’t seen the top flight in 5 seasons, walk around town in your Morales Düsseldorf jersey.

9. Eintracht Frankfurt

Timmy Chandler may be a player that draws ire among American soccer circles, but his club jersey is straight fire. Eintracht has an all black home jersey that has some sublimated vertical stripes and chevrons and looks pretty cool. So, grab a #22 and become part of jersey royalty.

8. Wigan Athletic

Antonee Robinson is one of the biggest surprises over the past year, as he has burst onto the international scene at left back. He’s currently at Wigan Athletic on loan from Everton and has made a few starts for the team so far. He wears #3 and having an American on this beautiful jersey that combines royal blue, green and white will be considered a masterpiece.

7. Malmö FF

Malmö FF usually has some pretty clean jerseys and rocks the light blue like few teams can. They’re also the home of one of America’s up-and-coming talents, Romain Gall. He’s been on fire lately, so you may find more of his #18 jerseys in the wild sooner rather than later. Be on the right side of history there and grab one while it’s still cool.

6. RSC Anderlecht

Anderlecht always looks terrific in their purple kits with white trim. They’re simple, but also have some sublimated diamond designs to give it some accent and some subtle flair. Kenny Saief wears #15 for the club, and as he hopes to break into the main USMNT core, you can wear his jersey to say you supported from the beginning.

5. Wolfsburg

John Brooks is back, he’s healthy, and he’s playing well. The young veteran centerback looks great when he puts on the #25 for Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg this year went with a dark green jersey with a light green X design that looks awesome. As the Bundesliga gains popularity in the United States, Wolfsburg’s jersey could become one of the ones you find as a jersey of choice among fans during the season.

4. FC Nordsjaelland

The best young American striker in the world may play in Denmark. Jonathan Amon has lit it up for FC Nordsjaelland, and his #24 jersey would look great on you, guaranteed. The red jersey with the black and yellow trim just looks incredible, and it’s still rare enough to strike a conversation or a high five.

3. Hull City

Hull has always had a great color combination in orange and black, and they’ve done well to have terrific jerseys over the years. This year, they may have the best version they’ve ever had, and after signing Eric Lichaj, who wears #2 for the Tigers, that’s all the motivation you’ll need to add it to your collection.

2. Club Tijuana

Club Tijuana has had a ton of Americans over the past few years, but what’s great about them is that they always have some fire jerseys. This year, the red and black hoops just pop, with the red hoops looking like someone painted them on your jersey. This season, Rubio Rubin (#17) and Alejandro Guido (#14) run with the Xolos, and as far as Liga MX clubs go, Club Tijuana really is Club Tijuamerica.

And now, the best looking club jersey for an international team with an American on the roster:

1. Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain normally has excellent jerseys, but this year they broke the internet with their collaboration with the Jordan Brand to produce this incredible Champions League jersey. Simple black jerseys with a white vertical stripe down the middle and the red and white stripes on the back neck, the Champions League jerseys are just simplistic perfection. Tim Weah is on the Champions League roster, so there’s an excellent chance that he will wear these jerseys at some point this season. If you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on one before they sold out, their home jersey is just as good. With Weah #21 on the back, it will look even better.

There you have it, the 20 best ways for you to have your jersey collection stand out yet still hav some American flavor. Which ones are your favorite? Did your favorite not make the list? Hit the comments and let us know what you think...hope your wallets are ready!