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Community Corner: Which U.S. player would you want on your European club team?

Get creative with it!

FC Schalke 04 v FC Lokomotiv Moscow - UEFA Champions League Group D Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Every week, scores of American soccer fans track American players as they compete in leagues around the world. Whether it’s young players in Denmark, experienced players in Germany, or rising stars in England, fans hope for players in the United States player pool to do well and, thus, make our player pool better.

Some of us are able to root on American players because they play for our team. Others see them play on rivals, which leads to the everlasting dance of hoping that the player does well while his team loses. And, some still yearn for the opportunity to have an American player wearing their favorite club’s jersey so they can rock it in the stands or in bars weekly.

So, today’s Community Corner asks you to identify which U.S. player you would want on your European club team. It can be a player that is the best fit for the squad you currently have, it can be one who you enjoy watching week in and week out. If your favorite team already has an American on the roster, pick another one or take another team. And in this exercise, players from the men’s and women’s player pool are allowed!

Hit the comments and let us know which American player you want to see wearing your favorite club’s colors.