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Ulysses Llanez to join Wolfsburg first team

The U.S. youngster will be joining the full team when they resume training as early as Monday.

Costa Rica v United States Photo by Michael Janosz/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Ulysses Llanez is set to join the Wolfsburg senior side as they resume training on Monday, according to reports out of Germany. German football outlet Kicker is reporting that Llanez will be among the members of the team called in Monday as they prepare for a return to action, currently scheduled for April 4.

The article also describes some of the measures the team is taking to avoid a coronavirus outbreak within the group, including separating into four training groups, four separate sleeping areas, and four showers which will be “disinfected after each use”.

These are strange times, and there is certainly no guarantee that the Bundesliga season will indeed resume on April 4. Still, this is a significant opportunity nonetheless for the American youngster who was the standout in January Camp for the United States Men’s National Team, scoring the game-winning against Costa Rica and showing a level of creativity and Clint Dempsey-like flair that has been missing from the team recently.

What are your thoughts? Concerned that the team will be training amidst an outbreak? Excited for the new opportunity for Llanez? Hit the comments section below and let’s continue the discussion.