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Watch: Christian Pulisic scores another goal for Chelsea

Another one!

Crystal Palace v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Justin Tallis/Pool via Getty Images

Christian Pulisic is on a tear. In the 27th minute of Chelsea’s match today against Crystal Palace, with the Blues already up 1-0, Pulisic scored another goal to put Chelsea up 2-0.

With Chelsea on the break, Willian dribbled down the middle of the field with Pulisic on the left. Willian does a quick give-and-go with Olivier Giroud and then finds Pulisic on the left side of the box. Pulisic, with a defender in front of him, makes a quick move to his left and then rocketed a ball into the near post upper 90 of the net.

Since the Premier League restart, Christian Pulisic has played in all 5 matches for Chelsea. His stats in each match: goal, goal, drawn penalty, drawn penalty, goal. In each match, he’s been the star, easily the best player on the field. He now has 8 goals across all competitions on the season, and the way he’s playing, he’s going to get a few more before the season is done.

Chelsea currently are up 2-1 against Crystal Palace, with the game being shown on NBCSN.