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Christian Pulisic becomes a star!

This kid’s going places.

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Christian Pulisic has been on a tear since the restart of the 2019-20 Premier League season for Chelsea. In 5 matches, he has 3 goals and 2 drawn penalties, while he has been absolutely magnificent all over the field. His incredible form has kept Chelsea in the driver’s seat to get one of the Champions League spots at the end of the year.

Pulisic’s play for Chelsea coupled with his importance for the United States Men’s National Team has seen him become a world star. Fans here and across the pond in England know that when Chelsea’s on, watching Christian Pulisic play is must-see TV. Now, whether you’re a Chelsea fan, a fan of the USMNT, or both, you can now rock this new shirt by our friends at Breaking T!

He may not yet be the real Captain America for the USMNT, but one day he will. That day may be closer than we think. And when that day comes, you’ll want to let everyone know that you knew he was Captain America before he picked up the shield...or the armband.