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SSFC Community Corner: Who made the best overseas move?

Quite a few USMNT players made club moves. Which was the best?


Three of the big European leagues are set to begin their seasons this weekend, with the Premier League, LaLiga, and the Bundesliga kicking off their season campaigns. Ligue 1 began last weekend, which means that we will have a nice chunk of American players who make their living in Europe hitting the field for league matches.

This summer has been a relatively busy one for USMNT players, with several Americans making moves to new clubs. Some were transferred from MLS clubs - like Sam Vines, Gianluca Busio, and Tanner Tessman - while others switched European leagues in the hopes of more playing time or a fresh start, including Konrad de la Fuente, Ethan Horvath, and Josh Sargent.

But which player made the best move? Which American best set himself up for success with their new team? That’s the Community Corner question of the week. Hit the comments and let us know which player, in your mind, made the best move in or within Europe!