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USA vs. Austria, 2013 friendly: Match predictions

Will the U.S. close out 2013 with a win?

Mark Runnacles

Today, the United States will play its last match of 2013. Where has all the time gone?

From disaster in Honduras, to chaos before Denver to winning the Gold Cup and topping the Hex, it has been an entertaining 2013 for the Americans and, best of all, it got better as the year went on. Now they hope to end the year on a high, or at least with a win.

Doing do means winning in Europe, which has long been a problem for the Americans. Sure, they beat Bosnia, but they also struggled in a draw last week against Scotland and for decades have been nothing short of a disaster back in The Old World. Will today in Austria be any better?

Ryan: It would be appropriate if Jurgen Klinsmann started every German he had in Austria. He won't, but the the U.S. will win anyways, 2-1, in a rather entertaining match because anyone who watched the Scotland draw is owed something worth watching.

Kevin: This will only look slightly more like football than the last game, but it will still not actually be football. 1-1 draw.

Zach: Austria has some talented young players that should give the United States a solid test. I expect after the lackluster performance against Scotland that Klinsmann will be pressing his team to show a little more urgency and motivation in this friendly. It should be an interesting match, definitely a winnable one of the Americans. Don’t count the Austrians out though as they tend to not take well to invasions led by Germans...although the previous guy was an confusing.

Phillip: USA vs Austria? Come on. We just demolished Scotland AGAIN, and this time on their home turf. Now, we travel to Austria to battle the mighty David Alabas. Uh. Oh. 2-0 to the Austrians.

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