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USA vs. Germany match predictions: Batten down the hatches again

If you thought Belgium was bad, Germany would be worse.

Matt Sullivan

Did you think Belgium was fun? Germany might be even more fun.

The United States will have Michael Bradley available to them, which is going to make their midfield look somewhat competent, but Germany is still better than them all over their pitch and to make matters worse, the Germans will be that much better with just one first choice player in the team.

However the match shakes out, the match is a celebration of U.S. Soccer's centennial, and a sell-out crowd of 46,000 will be at RFK Stadium to take part in the festivities. Maybe the team can keep the Germans from raining on America's parade?

Ryan: What happens when a team has 11 better players than you? A 4-2 loss, like we saw against Belgium. This one will not be as bad, but it definitely won't be good as the centennial celebrations is drowned by American tears in a 3-1 loss.

Zach: I'm still angry that those greedy Americans messed up my prediction from the Belgium game...oh wait, this is a US blog. Well sadly I was basically right on with my prediction for that and Germany are even better than Belgium. Hold on to your butts people, I'm gonna say its 5-1 to zee Germans.

Phil: I went with a 2-1 victory for the Belgians over us, and I'm going to do something similar here. Give me Germany 2-1 over us on Sunday. We'll be a little better with Bradley joining Jones in the midfield, but once the game gets down to the substitutes, they'll have us outmanned.

Kevin: Imagine if Germany actually had their best players? 3-1 to Germany.