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Fewer than 10,000 tickets sold for USMNT friendly vs. Honduras

Gail Oskin

There was a lot of skepticism when the United States said that they would play a friendly in Boca Raton, FL. South Florida hasn't always done the best job supporting soccer and ticket sales for Tuesday's friendly against Honduras aren't doing much to change the negative perception of their soccer support.

In South Florida's defense, Boca Raton is far from the population base in Miami. On top of that, Honduras is not a particularly enticing opponent and Tuesday night doesn't normally draw excellently.

Some people will surely use the slow ticket sales for this match as proof that South Florida shouldn't get an MLS team. That is too much of a leap, as international attendance isn't a great indicator of an ability to support a club team, but there will be people who will make that argument.

Regardless of the reasons for the slow ticket sales, there aren't going to be many people at the 30,000 seat FAU Stadium. Barring incredible walk-up sales, the U.S. will have one of their smallest home crowds in recent years, and South Florida will find it tough to get another national team match in the near future.