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Landon Donovan to play 30 minutes in USMNT farewell match

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Landon Donovan will be limited to 30 minutes in his United States farewell match on Friday. U.S. Soccer confirmed the plan for Donovan, who will be playing his last match for the team that he was the leading man on for more than a decade.

Players usually play longer than a half-hour in testimonials, but this one is a little different than normal. For one, Donovan is still playing and in the middle of a club season. Secondly, he and Jurgen Klinsmann clearly have an icy relationship and the testimonial wasn't the manager's idea.

As for who decided to limit Donovan's time to 30 minutes, it's not clear. Most will probably point at mean ol' Klinsmann, and it may have been him. Wanting to focus on getting young players minutes and testing his team, farewell be damned, would be right up his alley, but it's not necessarily the manager's call. Donovan has made it very clear that he plans to play in the LA Galaxy's match on Sunday as his club tries to capture the Supporters' Shield, so it is very possible that he asked for a shorter runout to stay fresh for the weekend.

At this point, it doesn't really matter whose call it is. Most likely, both the player and manager's desires aligned, but the farewell is really just a chance for one more look at Donovan in a U.S. shirt and to say goodbye. Both of those will happen, before and after the match, as well as in those 30 minutes. It will be a Landon-fest, as it should be, and the night will serve its purpose.