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USA vs. Ukraine: Match predictions

Ukraine in Cyprus makes for an impossible prediction.


The United States is in Cyprus to play a Ukraine team that has civil unrest, violence and a possible invasion by Russia in the back of their minds. This isn't your usual friendly.

Unfortunately for the U.S., this match carries a bit of weight. With the World Cup just three months away, this is Jurgen Klinsmann's final chance to get a look at his European-based players before they convene in late May for pre-Cup training camp.

It will be tough to get a good idea of what the U.S. players offer if Ukrainian minds are elsewhere. Nobody would blame the Ukrainians if that is the case, but it's not what the Americans will be hoping for.

What will Klinsmann and Co. be hoping for? A win.

Will they get it? Let's ask:

Ryan: We have this whole "will Ukraine even show up mentally?" question, which makes predicting this nearly impossible. Let's say the U.S. wins 2-1, but more importantly, Aron Johannsson, Juan Agudelo, Edgar Castillo and Danny Williams all put in good showings.

Kevin: I'm not really sure how to make a prediction for a match that is being played at a neutral site, probably in front of no crowd, against a team that was considering not playing because their country is on the verge of a revolution. But 1-0 USMNT, I guess?

Phillip: The Americans are in Cyprus. I repeat: The Americans are in Cyprus. The match against The Ukraine is an interesting one. I've been advocating for years that we play more eastern European teams in friendlies, so I'm very happy that this is happening. America must --- I repeat MUST --- keep one eye on the legendary Anatoliy Tymoshchuk at all times. That man is masterful. USA wins 2-1.