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USMNT plan to play friendly vs. Germany in Berlin next June

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The United States look set to play a friendly against Germany in Berlin next June. Germany general manager Oliver Bierhoff reportedly said that they would play the U.S., setting up a high profile match for the Americans before the Gold Cup.

"In June we play the United States and look forward to meeting Jurgen Klinsmann once again," Bierhoff said, also adding that the Germans would be playing Australia in March.

The U.S. and Germany played at the 2014 World Cup, a match that the Germans won, 1-0, en route to winning the tournament. Obviously, Klinsmann is one of the best strikers Germany has ever produced so there is that tie between the two teams, as well as al the German-Americans that play for the U.S.

Exactly when the U.S. and Germany would play is unclear. The Gold Cup does not start until July 7, but the U.S. will probably begin training camp in early June so the team will already be together. Germany have a Euro qualifier on June 13, and the UEFA Champions League final isn't until June 6 this year, so doing it before their qualifier would be tough. Most likely, it would come after the qualifier, so a June 17-20 date seems to make the most sense.

The friendly will come during the Women's World Cup, so the attention will be in Canada, but that could prove to be a positive for hype surrounding the friendly too. FOX gets the rights to some U.S. matches next season and if they can get this match, then use it as a lead-in to the Women's World Cup then it could be a massive day for American soccer when they can grab the bulk of the American sports attention.