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Jozy Altidore will be added to USMNT January camp roster

The Americans' top striker will be in the team for training camp and when they play Chile and Panama.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Jozy Altidore is finalized a deal to sign with MLS and join Toronto FC, and as soon as he does, he will join the United States for January training camp. Jurgen Klinsmann confirmed to Doug McIntyre that with Altidore an MLS player again, the plan is to bring him into camp.

January camp does not fall on a FIFA international date so clubs are not required to release players. That leaves Klinsmann with generally only MLS players to choose from. Altidore was not on the original roster because he was still a Sunderland player at the time, but with him leaving for Toronto, he will be out of season and free to join the U.S.

January camp generally serves a few purposes. The first is to keep players in shape because the MLS offseason is longer than most, something Klinsmann has derided. The second is to get the team together for another camp and continue to grow as a team. The third is to call in young players who can get their first chances to impress the coaching staff or learn what it's like to play at the international level.

Altidore certainly needs to get in shape. He hasn't played much for Sunderland so a month-long training camp as well as two friendlies will allow him to edge back toward fitness and regain a bit of form. Altidore will also help the team grow as it was clear at the World Cup that he is undoubtedly the best striker the team has right now. Finally, at 25 years old and with 76 caps to his name, Altidore will be asked to take on a leadership role this cycle, something he can start doing at January camp where there are a bunch of young players in the team.

In addition to training, the U.S. will head to Chile for a friendly against La Roja on January 28, then return to the StubHub Center in Carson, CA for a match against Panama on February 8. Now, Jozy Altidore will be part of that.