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You can't watch the USMNT vs. Mexico if you have AT&T U-Verse

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Do you have AT&T U-Verse? If you answered yes, you have a problem. You won't be able to watch the United States play Mexico tonight.

The match is being televised on Fox Sports 1 and Fox is having a carriage dispute with AT&T. They want AT&T to pay them more money for rights they acquired after they and AT&T agreed to their current carriage deal, while AT&T is saying no way.

The dispute has kept AT&T U-Verse customers from see various sporting events on Fox Sports 1, from NASCAR races, to MLS matches, to now a second U.S. match. Instead of getting the sports they want, they get a replay of dart or something of the sort while every other cable and satellite provider shows the match.

I'm not going to tell you whether you should be mad at AT&T, or Fox, or anyone else. Carriage disputes suck and there is rarely a "good guy" in the fight. You can call AT&T and voice your displeasure, asking them to make a deal with Fox, or you can be mad at Fox, or you can just kick things.

Hopefully this mess gets sorted out soon and AT&T U-Verse customers can watch everything they would like on Fox Sports 1. In the meantime, go to a friend's house or a bar for the match tonight and hope things have changed by May, when the U.S. next plays on Fox Sports 1. Or you can watch in Spanish on UniMas!