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Potential 2022 friendly opponents for the USMNT

With options for 4 friendlies in June and September, we take a look at who could be intriguing matchups.

Mexico v United States: 2022 World Cup Qualifying Photo by Brad Smith/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The United States Men’s National Team is starting to see what the rest of their 2022 schedule will look like as we get ready for the summer. With a double international window in June followed by a window in late September, there’s a potential for 6 matches for the USMNT before they head to Qatar in November for the 2022 World Cup.

Two of those matches in June will be taken up by the group stage of the Concacaf Nations League, which will see the USMNT face El Salvador and Grenada. The exact schedule of the group stage is still to be announced. The other matchdates in June as well as September can be used for friendlies, leaving the USMNT with the option to face 4 more teams before they take off for Qatar.

An ESPN report has Uruguay potentially being one of the teams that could face the USMNT this summer, but what are some other teams that should be on the radar? Almost the entirety of UEFA is out due to Nations League play in June and September, with the exception of Estonia, Malta, and San Marino since they are in a group together and would have open match dates. It’s possible that if Russia’s suspension from UEFA continues, their removal from Nations League play would allow for Iceland, Israel, and Albania to have open match dates as well.

In June, with Nations League play beginning, it’s likely that the USMNT will stay on this side of the world. They could face a team from Africa or Asia at home or hit the road to South America. They also could attempt to bring a South American team to the United States to play as well. Teams that could be intriguing matchups in June include Uruguay, Nigeria, Chile, Peru, Colombia, China, Egypt, Ivory Coast, or Iraq, With the exception of Uruguay

In September, once again there is the option to play matches on the road or at home against some top talent in an effort to prepare for the World Cup. There will be no international windows in October or November before the start of the World Cup, so there will be no send off matches in the traditional sense. Still, the USMNT have some options on teams they could face. In addition to facing teams from Africa on the road or in Europe at a neutral site, they could face one of the European teams who have open match dates on the road. They could also host a team that lines up stylistically with Iran, who the USMNT will face in Group B action during the World Cup.

Traveling to face the United Arab Emirates in Dubai or against Oman in Muscat would be an interesting trip to get the players used to what it will be like to play in the region in November. And, they can face a South American team to give themselves a stiff test since they could face one in a potential Round of 16 matchup. Brazil would be a big time matchup, and you could play that match either in Europe or the United States. Finally, they could face Chile, Peru, or Colombia if they weren’t able to schedule them during the summer.

European teams may not be expected to face the USMNT this summer or fall, but there are still a variety of teams who American fans could see in June or September. Hit the comments to discuss which teams you’d like to see the USMNT play in friendly matches in June and September.