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Brek "Sharknado" Shea has arrived

You better brekkenize Sharknado.

A gray, ominous sky had CONCACAF frightened, but it could not have possibly imagined the terrors to come. It was quick. It was massive. It was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before.

It was Sharknado.

At 6'3'' long and left-side inclined, Sharknado gave warning in the form of a blonde fin. It cut in and out. It did so with amazing pace. It was ruthless and strong. The region stood no chance against this beast from College Station, Texas.

Dressed in red and white, CONCACAF could only run in fear. They knew their reckoning had come and it had done so with terrifying speed and ferocity. Life as they knew it was over.

It was a region full of hopes and dreams, but it was all gone. The rest of the world could only watch and hope that the animal would not reach their shores for their was no stopping Sharknado.

Brek Shea had arrived.

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