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Mix Diskerud wants to be "Mix," and is the best

Pele, Ronaldinho, Xavi, Mix.

Some players are so synonymous with excellence in the sport of soccer and are so popular that they need only go by one name. Unfortunately, the USSF doesn't recognize the worldwide appeal of Mix Diskerud, and his hair.

Mix would like to drop the "Diskerud" from the back of his United States jersey and replace it with "Mix," as it is on his club jersey, but that hasn't come to pass yet. Maybe a Gold Cup title will earn him the right to change his jersey? He's hoping the USSF agrees.

In addition to hoping for the proper recognition of his fame, Mix is also a fan of San Diego. Who would have thought that the man who grew up in Norway would like the San Diego sun?

The sun makes Mix's hair glisten. It's hair that Pele didn't have. Ronaldinho and Xavi don't have it either. Mix is a superstar. His hair is a superstar. Recognize the Mix.