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USA jumps six spots to No. 13 in FIFA World Rankings

Hello No. 13!

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The good news continues to roll in for the United States as the September FIFA World Rankings have them up six spots to No. 13. Well, it's good news if you put any stock in the rankings. Otherwise it's just a thing that happened, much in the same way that me eating a burrito is a thing that happened.

WIns over Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mexico helped move the U.S. up, despite a loss to Costa Rica, while older results have shuffled other teams around. That allowed them to jump England, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ecuador, Russia, Switzerland and the Ivory Coast.

Yes, the U.S. is ahead of England. And it's called soccer, not football.

Oh, and the U.S. is also 12 spots ahead of France so these rankings are really important. And really scientific. And really accurate.

The rankings were used to determine seeds for the last World Cup and, presumably, will be used against for the next World Cup, which should make them meaningful, but not so for the U.S. They would have to get into the top seven for a seed in Brazil, which is highly unlikely and if you're not a seeded team you don't get any preferential treatment in the draw, whether you are ranked eighth of 108th.

But seriously, it's called soccer.

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