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Stu Holden continues rehab and has great video to prove it



Here's what we know about Stu Holden.

1. He's the best.

2. He gets hurt too much.

3. He's the best.

4. He works his ass off to rehab every time.

5. He's the best.

6. He is somehow always optimistic

7. He's the best.

The following Instagram is all seven of those things in one 15-second video.

Holden is a long, long, long shot to play in this World Cup and considering he will be 33 in 2018, he may not play in a World Cup ever again. He may not play for the U.S. ever again. The remainder of his career, at both the international and club level is a complete and total mystery.

Will he ever get fit again? Will he stay fit? Will he regain the form that made him so good in the Premier League?

Nobody has any idea.

But one thing is still true: he's the best.