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Stars and Stripes FC Crest Contest: Design a new U.S. Soccer logo

Put your creative hats on, secure it with your artistic chinstrap and fasten your freedom belt then get to work on a new U.S. Soccer crest.

Jamie Sabau

As you know, we are running a great contest here on Stars and Stripes FC where we're asking you to get creative and submit ideas for a new US Soccer Crest to our site. Due to an unforeseen circumstances, the winner of this contest will receive a $100 gift certificate to the World Soccer Shop (instead of tickets to the sendoff series match). Nonetheless, it's a great prize and we'd recommend using that gift certificate on the new U.S. kit because duh.

We here at Stars and Stripes FC feel that U.S. Soccer has a pretty lame crest. It seems that the only changes it gets are a new border (sometimes it's gold!) or a change in the shade of blue. It is, at best, forgettable. That is a problem.

America is not forgettable and it deserves a soccer crest that is as awesome as it is so we come to you with a request.


We are asking you all to design a new crest for U.S. Soccer. It will not be on a jersey or a shirt and U.S. Soccer and Nike will almost certainly ignore its existence, but it will still be cool. Also, I don't know if you've heard of this thing called the internet, but it's pretty popular and being internet popular is important so you'll want to enter this contest.

Oh, the winner will also get a $100 gift certificate to World Soccer Shop. That's cool too, right?

We want the most creative and polished submissions you have and we are in search of a crest that could actually -- or at least theoretically -- become a new U.S. Soccer crest. While we do love Theodore Roosevelt riding a bald eagle, that probably won't win you this contest

Maybe you like the simplicity and history of the Centennial crest. If so, design something new, but similar to it.

Maybe you like the Don't Tread on This crest and its homage to the Gadsden Flag. If so, incorporate that idea into your brand new design.

Maybe you have always imagined a totally unique badge unlike anything U.S. Soccer has ever seen. If so, now is your chance to show off what you've imagined before in a real design.

Here is your goal: design something so great that George Washington will want to sleep with it.

The contest will run until 11:59 p.m. ET on February 18 and all submissions should be .jpg filed emailed to We will announce a winner within three days of the deadline. All participants are subject to the official rules found here.

I do not like the current crest and I haven't heard anyone tell me that they do, so do something about it. Design a crest that oozes freedom and would make Abraham Lincoln weep. It may not (okay, definitely will not) change what U.S. Soccer does, but you'll be internet famous and earn 500 liberty points, plus a gift certificate!