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Sunil Gulati takes everyone's side in Jurgen Klinsmann/Don Garber war of words

Peacekeeper Sunil to the rescue.

Chris Trotman

Jurgen Klinsmann has said repeatedly that he wants his players playing in the top leagues. He even said he wasn't a huge fan of players moving back to MLS, so when he said that he wished Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley would have stayed in Europe, it wasn't a surprise. There were a few stories written, but it started to die down, at least until MLS commissioner Don Garber had a press conference and went off on Klinsmann for his comments.

So maybe it became a thing. And maybe Klinsmann and Garber will never be best buds. And maybe, just maybe, there is a bit of a rift between U.S. Soccer and MLS. But USSF president Sunil Gulati is cool with everyone.

"Given some of the comments, I wasn’t surprised it became a hot-button issue," Gulati said to the Washington Post. "But the fundamental views of all of us involved are: ‘We’re on the same page.’ We got diverted from that, so it will go on for a little bit. I don’t view this as there being an undercurrent going forward. There won’t be any lingering issues.

"None of this is personal. Some things could have been phrased differently because the actual opinions of the two guys – and me and the leadership at MLS and U.S. Soccer – is actually closely aligned with where we see the game going."

And so we learned that Gulati is on everyone's side, which is somewhat normal for him. While he will go to bat for the U.S. in international issues, when it comes to domestic issues, he is more a peace maker, peace keeper and consensus builder. To respond to a situation like this is totally in character and his way or trying to address the story, while still making it die down.