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Jurgen Klinsmann and son did or did not apologize to Landon Donovan

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Kevork Djansezian

Jonathan Klinsmann tweeted a mean thing about Landon Donovan. Then he apologized via voicemail. Or he didn't. Because Jurgen Klinsmann apologized. But maybe he didn't.

On the week the United States is going to play a friendly against a fellow World Cup team, the talk has turned to whether or not Klinsmann and his son apologized to Donovan. Instead of talking about Donovan's goodbye and 15 remarkable years, it is focused on the response to the idiotic tweeting of a teenager. This is the world U.S. soccer has entered.

So whose report do you believe? Donovan, who said he hasn't heard anything, or U.S. Soccer, who claims the Klinsmann's reached out? More likely, you rammed your head into a wall and wondered why the national team has been infiltrated by kindergarteners.

We keep saying, "America is a real soccer nation now." Well, congrats, America really is. We're concerned with the same irrelevant bullshit as everyone else.

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