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The USMNT is really bad at the half court challenge

Geoff Cameron kept them from a complete shutout.

The United States isn't that great at basketball. That's okay, it's better that they're good at soccer instead, but whoa.

Half court shots are tough, obviously, but they're not even close. They miss by a lot and it's pretty terrible. You would think that they grew up playing basketball and would be better at this than a lot of the other European teams that NBA UK has do this, but no.

The positive is that they are all loyal to their hometown teams. Alejandro Bedoya is from Miami and a heat fan. Brad Guzan is an Illinois boy, so of course he would be a Bulls fan. DaMarcus Beasley is a Fort Wayne native, which is about 125 miles from Indianapolis and is a Pacers fan. Geoff Cameron rounds it out as a Massachusetts native and Celtics fan.

So they're not so great at basketball. They're great at being basketball fans (except for Cameron because who would ever want to be a Celtics fan, said this Lakers fan.)