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CONCACAF expects to host 2026 World Cup in USA, Mexico or Canada

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

CONCACAF is planning on the 2026 World Cup coming to North America. Confederation president Jeffrey Webb saidt hat he believes it will be time for the region to host the next World Cup up for bid and he expects the bidding war to be among the countries in the confederation.

Russia will host the 2018 World Cup and the tournament is going to Qatar four years later. Because FIFA rules do not allow continents to host more than one in every three World Cups, "that eliminates and removes Europe to Asia," Webb said.

"Someone else could be from Africa, but I think it will be 32 years that have not had a CONCACAF World Cup. The last was in 1994, and I think it is time. I am confident that the 2026 belongs to the confederation," added the president.

The U.S, bid on the 2022 World Cup, but finished second to Qatar. After the process and the allegations that Qatar bribed voters, the U.S. said that they would need FIFA to implement changes to the host selection process before they bid again. A recent investigation into bidding on 2018 and 2022 caused more controversy, but FIFA has said that there will be changes before the bidding on 2026 begins. Whether those changes are real or cosmetic and whether they are enough for the Americans to submit another bid remain to be seen.

Mexico have already confirmed that they plan on bidding for the tournament, and they expect both the U.S. and Canada to do so as well.

"The World Cup that year will be one hundred percent for the CONCACAF" Mexican federation president Justino Compeán said. "This country deserves a third World Cup. The competition will be very good and I hope our decider is impartial. We will have to Canada, USA and Mexico giving us all."

FIFA have not set out any rules or a timeline for bidding on 2026. Normally, hosts are determined about seven years before the tournament to there are still five years before then, but the candidates are lining up, and they're predominantly in CONCACAF.