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Bar in Clint Dempsey's hometown names sandwich after him

A sandwich with negative treading.

Nacogdoches, Texas is home to Clint Dempsey and there is a bar there named Liberty Bell Bar. As you might imagine, such a place knows not to tread.

They also know what to name a fish and chips sandwich made of crispy Shiner beer-battered cod served on a toasted hoagie with house-made remoulade, mixed greens, Roma tomatoes and salt and vinegar house-fried chips.

Dempsey FC.

That sandwich is the ultimate in not treading. You could search it inside and out, inspect every single inch of it and you wouldn't find a single instance of treading. It is that tread-less.

Also of note: that sandwich sounds delicious and if you say you don't want it in and around your mouth right now, you're lying. And what do we think of liars?


gif via @bubbaprog