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Today in Rafa Marquez can rot in hell: Red carded for kicking player in back

Rafa Marquez can rot in hell, episode 293.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Rafa Marquez is the scum of the Earth.

Sometimes, he decides to elbow players. Sometimes, he decides to headbutt players. Sometimes, he decides to walk around the pitch and watch the game go past him, and when he does that he's sure to blame a teammate.

But one thing he always does is flail his studs around, often in the air, and endanger other players. That happened again on Tuesday night in Copa Libertadores, where Marquez's studs found an opposing player's back.

Yes, his back.

Because when you jump up to win a header, your studs just accidentally end up showing and kicking out at the guy in front of you. It's just the natural thing to do, at least if you're Rafa Marquez.

Would you look at that, another Marquez red card.

There you have it, Mexico's pride and joy. Their former and once-again captain.

Good luck with that at the World Cup, Mexico.