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Bob Bradley documentary, "American Pharaoh," to premiere June 16

Follow Bob Bradley to Egypt.

When Bob Bradley agreed to take over as Egypt manager, he did not expect to end up in the middle of a violent, nationwide conflict, but that is what he got. As protestors fought for control of their country, and violence poured out to a soccer stadium in a horribly bloody day, Bradley continued to manage the team and took them to the brink of the World Cup.

PBS was there for the entire thing, filming Bradley's time as Egypt manager as the American tried to hold together a team as best he could and be there for a country that was falling apart.

The documentary will premiere at 10 p.m. ET on June 16, the night of the U.S.' first World Cup match against Ghana and figures to be a remarkable look at not just Bradley, but how a country handles sports during a revolution.

Bradley is arguably the most accomplished American manager ever and four years ago, he was managing the U.S. at the World Cup. Now he is at Staebeck in Norway, but in between, he had a harrowing and amazing stint in Egypt that should make for unbelievably compelling TV.