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Happy birthday, Julian Green

Julian Green turns 19 years old today.

Christian Petersen

Julian Green is the United States' best prospect ever. He is one of the top players in the Bayern Munich academy, led the reserve team in scoring and is set to play for the U.S. at this summer's World Cup.

He is also 19 years old today.

It was on this day in 1995 that Green was born to a German woman and American serviceman. That was in Tampa, FL, but within a few years, Green's parents separated and he moved to Germany with his mother. Nobody would have guessed that years later, while he was still a teenager, Green would be the subject of an international soccer battle. The U.S. was trying to recruit Green to their side, while one of the world's best teams, Germany, were looming.

In the end, Green picked the U.S. Maybe it was because he felt an allegiance to the country he was born in or for the country his father fought for. Maybe he just wanted to play in the World Cup.

Whatever the reason, Green is an American and will be wearing the U.S. crest over his heart at the World Cup this summer. But before that, he has a birthday to celebrate.

Happy birthday, Julian.