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USMNT drops to No. 15 in FIFA rankings

The World Cup actually made the U.S. drop in the latest rankings.

Laurence Griffiths

The United States made it out of their group at the World Cup, but that didn't help them in the FIFA rankings. The Americans fell two spots in the newest rankings to No. 15, which still makes them the highest ranked CONCACAF team.

Getting out of the group may have been an accomplishment for the U.S., but the FIFA rankings doesn't look at things that way. All it sees is that the U.S. won a match, drew one and lost two. That accounts for the Americans' drop.

Costa Rica made a gigantic jump in the rankings, going from No. 32 to No. 16. They're right on the Americans' heels, and also ahead of Mexico, who are No. 18. Honduras' disastrous World Cup saw them drop seven spots to No. 40.

Whether the FIFA rankings are fair or make sense, it's tough to find much fault in the U.S.' place. If anyone were to rank where they stood among all the teams in the world, many would say somewhere around 15th. Maybe they could be a couple spots higher, but they're right in the range they should be in. Plus, they're just world rankings. The U.S. has trophies to play for, starting next year in the Gold Cup, and those mean a hell of a lot more than than the FIFA rankings.