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Clint Dempsey asks random New Yorkers questions about Clint Dempsey

Soccer has come a long ways in the United States over the last two decades. People watch it regularly now, they care and a fair amount even root for the U.S., which wasn't the case not too long ago.

Especially during the World Cup, people flock to soccer. They put on their patriotic hats and chant "U-S-A" at all times of the day, vowing their allegiance to the Yanks. Only some of them still couldn't pick Clint Dempsey out of a crowd. Or even out of the one dude standing right in front of them.

Yes, the United States captain. The one you thought played well, or maybe thought was Landon Donovan, but is really standing right in front of you. Do you think he played well? Are you sure who he is?

Hint: He is the guy standing in front of you.

So maybe soccer still has a ways to go in this country.