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Jurgen Klinsmann says Brad Guzan, Tim Howard will rotate as USMNT starting goalkeeper

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Is Brad Guzan or Tim Howard the United States' goalkeeper? How about both.

Jurgen Klinsmann said the two will both get chances to start and rotate as the team's No. 1 for the foreseeable future. They will do that for at least a year, if not two years before Klinsmann decides on who his starter is.

"We have two exceptional international caliber goalkeepers. We need both of them. We need both of them on board," said Klinsmann.

"That's what I told them and going forward they will probably rotate. There will come a decision if we play Copa America or Gold Cup or whatever comes up where one starts over the other.

"For us coaches, it's extremely important to have both of them. I cannot afford to lose one of them because he's not getting his games or he gets frustrated. They are two outstanding characters. They are givers, both of them. They respect each other 1,000 percent and they help each other. Whoever is in a backup role pushes the other one and so on. Our job is to keep both with us because, after that, there is a hole."

For those of you who watch Bill Hamid play and think, "damn, he's the best goalkeeper in MLS and doesn't make as many mistakes as Guzan or Howard (albeit in a weaker league)," don't bet on him getting a chance to play much. Apparently, there's a hole after Guzan and Howard, which, considering that both have struggled a fair bit over the last year, either means the rest of the goalkeepers aren't very good or Klinsmann has a warped sense of his goalkeeper pool.

Regardless, Guzan and Howard are the guys. There's no starter or No. 1, just a rotation. And that will continue for at least the semifinal round of qualifying, and maybe into the Hex as well.