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Coca-Cola, McDonald's demand that Sepp Blatter step down as FIFA president

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Coca-Cola and McDonald's taken a stand against Sepp Blatter, demanding that he step down as FIFA president "immediately." Coca-Cola and McDonald's are two of FIFA's primary sponsors and have had long relationships with the world soccer federation.

"For the benefit of the game, The Coca-Cola Company is calling for FIFA President Joseph Blatter to step down immediately so that a credible and sustainable reform process can begin in earnest," Coca-Cola's statement read. "Every day that passes, the image and reputation of FIFA continues to tarnish. FIFA needs comprehensive and urgent reform, and that can only be accomplished through a truly independent approach."

"The events of recent weeks have continued to diminish the reputation of FIFA and public confidence in its leadership," McDonald's statement read. "We believe it would be in the best interest of the game for FIFA President Sepp Blatter to step down immediately so that the reform process can proceed with the credibility that is needed."

FIFA has been under fire for widespread corruption and several members of the organization were indicted by the U.S. Justice Department. Days later, Blatter was re-elected to another term as president, but he announced days later that he would step down from the post. That has yet to happen, with a supposed new election being planned holding things up, but in the meantime, reports have tied Blatter to several instances of corruption and his top lieutenant, Jerome Valcke, was recently suspended from FIFA on corruption allegations.

While widespread public admonishment of FIFA and Blatter is nothing new, the organization continued to rake in money so the internal pressure wasn't especially high. Now, two of FIFA's biggest sponsors, who pay them millions of dollars annually, are putting them under fire.

It's worth noting that there wasn't a threat from Coca-Cola or McDonald's. They aren't demanding Blatter step down or they will end their sponsorships. There's no consequence for Blatter staying in office, at least right now. Their calls also ring hollow when it is Blatter's corruption that has moved them to take action, not the deaths of migrant workers in Qatar or any number of other truly terrible acts by FIFA.

Still, those who fund FIFA are now taking a stand. That is something