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Tim Howard travels a little better (okay, a lot) than Nick Rimando

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Tim Howard is the United States' backup goalkeeper. Nick Rimando is the third stringer. Both were on their way to Los Angeles for Saturday's CONCACAF Cup clash against Mexico - the national team's biggest match since last year's World Cup.

And they traveled a bit differently ...

There was Howard, with his expensive watch, Louis Vuitton iPad cover and ample leg room.

And then there was Rimando's more ... spartan, travel.

I guess it pays to be a former Manchester United starting goalkeeper, current Everton veteran and World Cup hero. It certainly does in comparison to being a long-time MLS player who plays in a smaller market and has never been his national team's No. 1. There's also the matter of an 11-hour flight vs. a two-hour one.

There will be no difference in their seats on Saturday, though. Both will be on the bench watching Brad Guzan.