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Toni Kroos says Jurgen Klinsmann was terrible Bayern Munich manager, did little for Germany

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Jurgen Klinsmann's tenure at Bayern Munich did not go particularly well. He was fired before the end of his first season and an avalanche of bad press followed, largely claiming that he was unfit for the job. Then Philipp Lahm released an autobiography that, in one section, torched Klinsmann as underprepared and not at all capable of leading a club. Now Toni Kroos is hopping on the badwagon.

In an interview with Zeit Sport (translated and tweeted by Rene Maric), the midfielder was asked about his former Bayern Munich and Real Madrid managers and while he had plenty of good things to say about Pep Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti, his comments on Klinsmann were scathing.

Zeit: "What's with Jurgen Klinsmann?"

Kroos: "In his time at Bayern I couldn't see anything: Game model, inadequate communication - or success."


Zeit: "Jurgen Klinsmann had a big impact in the development which led us to the World Cup with Joachim Löw."

Kroos: "Not true."

Kroos was at Bayern for Klinsmann spell in charge of the club, but was only 16 years old when Klinsmann stepped down as Germany manager so the two were never together there. He has been a part of the Germany team ever since 2010, playing in two World Cups under Löw.

Whether Klinsmann was as bad at Bayern Munich as Lahm and now Kroos make him out to be is impossible to tell unless you were at the club during that time. However, the news and reports that have come out since Klinsmann was given the boot aren't just negative, they torch Klinsmann.

They will be worth keeping in mind going forward as well, with Klinsmann given unprecedented control of the United States national team and the team faltering since the 2014 World Cup. Is Klinsmann the man for the job? We'll find out, but it's not as if he has no track record. He managed Germany and Bayern Munich before so his stints there can be informative to how he is doing with the Americans. And while the words of two former players shouldn't be taken as gospel - who knows if there were personal conflicts that aren't applicable elsewhere - it's worth keeping in mind.