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Landon Donovan has "never been this happy," gets engaged

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If there were any concerns about how Landon Donovan would transition into retirement, those are gone. The United States legend says he has "never been this happy" since retirement. He's traveled the world, enrolled in college classes and, best of all, got engaged.

Donovan was always a different type of person. He never defined himself by his play -- even as he became his country's all-time leading scorer -- and never made it the absolute focus of his life. He always had other interests and other priorities, which caused him some inner conflict as he tried to balance soccer and life. It also brought heat upon him from fans.

With that in mind, Donovan was probably well-suited to retirement. It was his chance to explore those other parts of himself, and the world, that soccer kept him from diving into before. And now he has a fiance to do it all with. It's nearly impossible not to be exceedingly happy for him.

Congratulations, Landon!