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Jurgen Klinsmann is second-favorite to be Aston Villa manager

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Jurgen Klinsmann is the bookies' second-favorite to be Aston Villa's new manager! And that is your cue.

1 ...

2 ...

3 ...


The United States manager is 7/1 to be the Villans' next boss. That is a real line that people are betting on and pissing their money away on.

There are real people in the world who think that Klinsmann would give up his home in Manhattan Beach and trade it for a home in Birmingham. They think he would rather manage a Premier League club on short notice that he can't buy players for in the hope of keeping them from being relegated instead of a team that he has three years invested in and three more years guaranteed. They think that money is unholy and want to light theirs on fire.

So Klinsmann isn't just a "candidate" for the Aston Villa job, he's the second favorite. And it's amazing.