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USMNT name Berti Vogts Technical Advisor

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Bert Vogts is sticking around with the United States. Jurgen Klinsmann has named him the USMNT's Technical Advisor, giving him a permanent role with the team after coming on just before the World Cup as a special advisor to Klinsman.

U.S. Soccer defined Vogts' job in a press release.

In his role as Technical Advisor, Vogts will oversee the development of players in Europe, working with Herzog and Matthias Hamann on scouting, building and improving club relationships and identifying talent. Vogts will serve as a resource for technical development initiatives and coaching education.

Vogts' last job was as the manager of Azerbaijan. Before that, he managed Nigeria and Scotland, but his big accomplishments came with Germany. He led his country's national team from 1990-1998, winning Euro 96, making the final of Euro 1992 and making the quarterfinals of the 1994 and 1998 World Cups.

It was while managing Germany that Vogts' relationship with Klinsmann was formed. He coached Klinsmann then and the two have remained close ever since. When Klinsmann fired Martin Vasquez in the months leading up to last summer's World Cup, he had an open spot on his staff and immediately tabbed Vogts to fill it.

Klinsmann has emphasized the scouting and monitoring of players with their clubs. That is especially true in Europe, where there are a lot of young Americans and many dual nationals, who Klinsmann has made a priority of identifying and recruiting to the U.S. Vogts' new focus is indicative of that prioritization.

Klinsmann clearly has people he trusts and he is loyal to them. He also leans heavily upon them. Bringing Vogts on full-time is more of the same.