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Jurgen Klinsmann warns VfB Stuttgart off Bobby Wood

The USMNT boss has warned off potential Bobby Wood suitors VfB Stuttgart

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

We learned earlier this week that United States striker Bobby Wood had interest from VfB Stuttgart. 1860 Munich reportedly accepted a bid for Wood for around $1.5 Million.'s Greg Seltzer says that those reports are immature.

No deal has been struck and Wood's future is still up in the air. In addition to Stuttgart, Kaiserslautern and Darmstadt are interested in the 22-year-old.

Perhaps the most interesting news surrounding Bobby Wood's impending transfer is what Jurgen Klinsmann told Stuttgart about the USMNT striker. German news outlet Kicker reports than Klinsmann told the potential transfer destination of Wood that the player is not ready to play at their club.

US boss Jurgen Klinsmann told German daily Kicker that he advised Stuttgart, an organization he knows very well, that Wood was not ready for them.

To be fair to the whole situation, before the two game-winning goals against the Netherlands and Germany very few people rated Wood. Just because he had two good moments in the spotlight doesn't make him ready for the Bundesliga.

It could be argued that Klinsmann is trying to protect his player in hopes of giving him a better chance at regular playing time. Warning off a club like Stuttgart could push him into the arms of a club able to realistically give him more first-team action.