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USMNT will get 30 percent of tickets for Confederations Cup playoff vs. Mexico

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The United States will have at least 30 percent of the crowd behind them when they take on Mexico in the Confederations Cup playoff on October 10 at the Rose Bowl. That is because CONCACAF is allotting 30 percent of the 83,000 available seats to U.S. Soccer, who will then distribute the roughly 25,000 tickets.

CONCACAF announced that they would work with both the U.S. and Mexico federations to allocate tickets and ensure both teams have a decent amount of fan support. This is in stark contrast to the 2011 Gold Cup final at the Rose Bowl, when more than 90 percent of the stadium was Mexico fans.

Under the allotment for the playoff, the U.S. and Mexico will each got 30 percent of the tickets. Another 30 percent will be sold via a lottery and then the final 10 percent will go to local teams and sponsors.

U.S. Soccer has announced that the American Outlaws and U.S. Soccer Supporters Club members will be part of their allotment. They will be able to buy tickets on September 1 or September 2. How the remainder of the federations tickets (if there are any) will be distributed is unclear, but U.S. Soccer does expect to sell out its entire allotment.

The lottery will be conducted on September 9 at The winners of the lottery will be notified in the next nine days, at which point they will be able to choose where they would like to sit.

So if you want to make sure you'll be at the match, joining the American Outlaws is probably a good idea. If not, the U.S. Soccer Supporters Club is an alternative. Otherwise, you're going to be at the mercy of a lottery. But at least U.S. Soccer will get 30 percent of the tickets, which means thousands more U.S. fans will be at the Rose Bowl than last time aound.