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FIFA president candidate says USA should get 2022 World Cup if Qatar stripped

Mark Nolan/Getty Images

What would happen if Qatar was stripped of the 2022 World Cup? FIFA presidential candidate Jerome Champagne told French radio station RTL that the United States should be awarded the tournament.

"It should not be a revote but apply the IOC's legal precedent, giving the gold medal to the silver medalist," said Champagne.

The U.S. was considered by most to be the favorites to host the 2022 World Cup going into the vote in 2010, but Qatar pulled off a stunner and won the right to host the tournament. The U.S. finished second in voting.

Since the day Qatar was voted the host of the World Cup, and every day since, they have been dogged by allegations of bribery and corruption. The FIFA investigation into the matter went so poorly that the investigator quit, alleging that FIFA hid the results of his search, and several officials linked to the vote have since been arrested on charges of corruption.

Champagne isn't pushing for Qatar to be stripped of the World Cup, though. He wants to see the matter looked into, but is very clear that he is not jumping to any conclusions.

"The presumption of innocence must also go to the Qataris," Champagne said.

Champagne is one of five candidates standing for FIFA president, with the vote scheduled for next month.