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USMNT teammates Altidore, Bedoya trash each other in public

Ummm...this is something...

The line between league competitors and national team teammates can sometimes blur and that happened tonight when the Philadelphia Union and Toronto FC faced off. In the 2-2 draw, Jozy Altidore drew a first half penalty to bring his team level after Alejandro Bedoya missed a spot kick earlier in the half. Jozy scored his to tie the match going into halftime.

After the match, Bedoya commented on the penalty to say that Jozy basically is a diver:

Altidore saw the comment and responded on Twitter with some not-so-friendly words for his USMNT “pal”.

Here’s the screenshot for inevitable deletion of the tweet:

Here’s the penalty call. You be the judge:

It’s possible that Jozy went down easy, but for Bedoya to throw Jozy of all people under the bus is just not very good from a national team perspective. Jozy has every right to respond to that cheap shot. And he’s absolutely right. Bedoya has a tendency of talking a bunch of trash in the press and social media without doing to the people he’s talking about’s face.

While this is probably just head of the moment stuff, it’s not a good look for two USMNT players to go at each other in public. What say you?

UPDATE: It was the media’s fault as usual.