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April Fools! Danny Williams gets hustled by ping pong ringer

The Reading FC man started questioning life as we know it after losing to a little girl in ping pong

I am absolutely willing to admit I’m jealous of professional soccer players. They have most of the things we all want and they live a dream life of traveling the world. So I love when we get the chance to see one of them look un-cool. It’s a reminder they are just normal guys & gals who get embarrassed too.

Reading FC decided to have a bit of fun with on-again-off-again U.S international Danny Williams for April Fool’s Day this week. They brought in a young ping-pong ringer to pose as a fan contest winner and surprise the 28 year old American international.

That exclamation when he finally scored a point is so real. A grown man & professional athlete ecstatic about earning a single point against a small child. Beautiful.

When you realize this is not what you signed up for.

When you start wondering why you even play this stupid f***ing game anyway.

Then you start asking questions you shouldn’t like do my teammates like me? Am I good enough for the USMNT? Why didn’t Dad hug me more? Would my dog even like me if I didn’t give him food?

And when you get the answers to the questions...