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SSFC’s USMNT Lineup Project: The Ballot

Time to decide on the lineup.

Soccer: Men's World Cup Soccer Qualifier-Honduras at USA Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Stars and Stripes FC USMNT Lineup Project. With this, the goal is the get a community consensus best starting lineup for the United States men’s national team. The scenario for this lineup would be at a neutral site, in a must-win match, against an opponent at the same hypothetical skill level as us. The one aspect of this project I’ve taken the liberty of deciding is the formation. In the hope of addressing every position on the field, I’ve chosen the 4-2-3-1.

The positions are as follows: GK; RB, CB, CB, LB; CDM, CDM; RW, CAM, LW; ST

As you can see, there are two reptitive positions, center back and defensive midfielder. For these two positions, there will be two questions with the same responses. For the sake of the project, make sure to select different answers and not the same player for two spots. The same goes for players with eligibility at multiple positions. As much as we want Fabian Johnson to play four different spots, the object of this exercise is to see where the community prefers him in the formation. The same goes for Christian Pulisic, et al.

All the talking is over. It’s time to find out what the democratic system has in store for the USMNT lineup. A mobile friendly link to the ballot can be found here. The in-post ballot will only work on desktop browsers due to technical issues out of my control: