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New USMNT Gold Cup jersey leaked

Hoop there it is.

Rumors have been circulating since winter that the United States Men’s National Team would be getting all-new kits just for the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

With the tournament fast approaching, it’s time to see what Nike has for the USMNT this go round. After the disappointment of the two-tone shoulders template, what will the MNT receive for the Gold Cup? Well, the rumored jersey has apparently been leaked:

Oh boy. It’s pretty good, not gonna lie, and not just because everyone’s expectations have been lowered. It’s hard to go wrong with hoops. In fact, this would serve as a really good away jersey permanently with the Waldos as the permanent home, and the color combo is sharp. There are sublimated navy stars within the blue hoops and white stars along the shoulders to create an incredible look. Judging from the color of the Nike swoosh, it’s safe to say that the numbers on this jersey will be the white numbers you can find on the black away jersey or red 3rd jersey. It is unknown what shorts and socks the team will wear with this jersey, but they are sure to be a part of an instantly recognizable look. Rob Stone wasn’t lying when he said this would be an awesome jersey:

These kits will reportedly debut on July 1 when the USMNT takes on Ghana in a pre-Gold Cup friendly at 4:45pm ET, airing live on ESPN and UniMas.

Tell us what you think of the jersey in the comments!