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Kenny Saief to miss more time with stomach infection

Complications from hernia surgery will keep the USMNT midfielder on the sidelines for a while.

This summer can’t get much worse for Kenny Saief. It started off great when he was chosen to represent the United States with a call up to the Gold Cup roster. After debuting in a friendly July 1st against Ghana, he had to leave the team due to a groin injury. It was revealed that the injury was a hernia, and he had surgery to repair the hernia last month, with a 7-week recovery period. Now, it seems like he will be on the bench even longer. It was reported yesterday by One, an Israeli news site, that Saief was hospitalized with an infection in his stomach area, a complication from the hernia surgery he underwent.

One reported that Saief was taken to Belgium after having a high fever. It was in Belgium where the infection was discovered and he underwent another surgery in an attempt to control the infection. Whenever that is completely clear, Saief will be able to resume his rehab from the surgery. In any case, Kenny Saief will miss the first portion of KAA Gent’s season. It’s a tough break for the 23-year-old, but hopefully he will be on the mend and back in the lineup for Gent sometime this fall.