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Frustration Friday: Why is U.S. Soccer still upsetting us?

What’s changed? What’s stayed the same? Has anything improved?

Republic of Ireland v The United States - International Friendly Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

It’s Frustration Friday, where we ask you what your beef is with U.S. Soccer. This month, we’ve seen rumors that the United States Men’s National Team is close to having a new head coach named. The USWNT qualified for the Women’s World Cup in dominating fashion, and we’ve seen some nice performances on from the USMNT youth, despite not so good results.

So, hit us with what you got. Is U.S. Soccer still, on the whole, upsetting you? Has any facet of U.S. Soccer given you hope that brighter days are ahead? Is your excitement for the USWNT heading to the Women’s World Cup enough to overshadow some of the ineptitude the men’s program is showing? What’s going to get you to not be mad at U.S. Soccer anymore?

Remember, we not only want to hear your issue, we want to hear your solutions. Let us know what can be used to get the Federation back on track. What would be your plan? Be real with it, and let’s be the adults in the room that many of us wish was at Soccer House.

Let the hate flow through you and let it all out. What’s the issue most on your mind? How do we best fix it? Let’s solve some of soccer’s problems.