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Frustration Friday: What upsets you most about American soccer right now?

A few months ago, we asked you what frustrated you about American soccer. Today, we ask you if there has been any progress.

Costa Rica v United States - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

A few months ago, we gathered to discuss the things that angered us the most about the state of American soccer. Dozens of you chimed in to discuss the one thing that bothered you the most about our game, whether it was the USMNT, USWNT, youth development, our lack of a coach, or even the domestic leagues. Well, a few months have passed. There have been players moving within the United States or abroad to different clubs. We’ve seen some expansion teams announced in MLS and USL, while others may be on the verge of moving or not coming back. We’ve seen an increased focus on youth national teams and their progress, while people in soccer bars watch European leagues while debating which young players should be the next to move abroad.

So, we wanted to revisit this topic: what upsets you the most about American soccer right now? However, now we want to see whether your issue from a couple months ago has improved or worsened. Are you seeing U.S. Soccer make progress in an area of concern to you, or has nothing changed? Do you have cause for hope that U.S. Soccer is starting to move in the right direction, or are we watching paint dry?

Once we answer that question, we move to the solutions phase. How do you fix your issue? What should U.S. Soccer or MLS or USL do to make your most hated situation better? Think realistically. If it’s something that will take time to fix, don’t suggest something immediate. If it requires broad strokes, don’t suggest a scalpel. We want to motivate everyone to think about what U.S. Soccer can do to truly change and make soccer in this country better. Every month, we will revisit this topic to see if things have changed for you and we can see whether U.S. Soccer is actually moving towards a better tomorrow or sitting stagnant in the filth of yesterday.

Let’s get started...what’s your U.S. Soccer beef? What can be done to fix it? Hit the comments and let us know.