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Frustration Friday: What’s still upsetting you about American soccer right now?

Has anything changed for you? Or have the frustrations stayed the same?

Costa Rica v United States - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Welcome back to Frustration Friday, where we ask the question that always seems to be pertinent these days: what’s bothering you the most about U.S. Soccer right now? Last month, we asked the same question and mentioned that we would be following up each month. Since then, soccer in the United States has seen some things evolve while some remain the same. We are starting to get closer to identifying who the next general manager of the USWNT will be, while on the MNT side, we don’t seem to be any closer to a coach. The WNT is set to begin World Cup qualification in a couple weeks, while there are some young players on the MNT that are showing us that the future is bright.

So, as always, here’s what we want to see:

1. Pick your one issue that’s still bothering you about American soccer right now. It could be the USMNT, USWNT, MLS, USL, NWSL, NPSL or any other issue.

2. Give us some solutions! Tell us how U.S. Soccer or one of the leagues can fix the problem. Is it a gradual solution? Let us know. Don’t suggest a band aid to plug a hole the size of the Grand Canyon. We want realistic solutions that U.S. Soccer can undertake to become a better organization and to help improve the game here in the United States.

That’s it. Let the hate flow through you and let it all out in the comments. What’s the issue most on your mind? How do we best fix it? Let’s solve soccer’s problems on this Frustration Friday.